25 February 2014

First 3Gun Liga Sportera match in 2014 - Season Opener

My first match this year and (as shameful as it sounds) almost first opportunity to shoot at all this year (I just managed to verify zero on my rifle and to learn POA/POI relation for B&P Big Game slugs on my shotgun).

Fortunately organizers prepared a bit easier shooting that they could. Mostly because they were afraid that in bad weather we could not shoot all stages due to slow pace. But looks like we have beautiful Spring this Winter (but we had share of snow and low temp as well).

New seasons sees number of changes in Liga Sportera rulebook. Most of them apply to all divisions, but some significant ones apply to shotguns in Open division and makes it more balanced for both magazine fed and tube fed shotguns. It still probably needs some fine-tune but is better (from my point of view at least) that it used to be. But one of general changes (starting condition of firearm) gave me some hard time. Before, firearms that we pick up during course of fire where loaded, chamber empty, slide/bolt closed, hammer down and safety could be in off position. Now safety must be on even with empty chamber (if technically possible). You can easily see that on at least 2 stages (Stage 5 and 3) it took me some time to go, find my brains and let it figure out why the hell my shotgun is not going bang. Hopefully I will learn fast.

On this match I used my 14.5" HK MR223 rifle with Aimpoint MicroT1, 18.5"  Benelli M1 Super 90 shotgun and Glock 17 Gen4 with slide mounted Vortex Razor Red Dot. I also used new HK polymer translucent magazines. So far they work flawless for me and I like them very much. I do also try new way to (not) clean my guns. All were primed with Fireclean gun oil(?). I intend to shoot them some more before I even try to clean them, maybe except few passes of Otis Ripcord in my rifle barrel.

20 February 2014

It has been to long

Looks like I went to winter sleep or something, but I'm slowly stretching my limbs and going back. For this Sunday I will have first 3Gun Liga Sportera match this season, so short report and video will show up sometime next week. My P30L is well past 2000 rounds no cleaning and no lube. It is becoming boring, because it just works. As I wrote before, this test was pointless anyway. First week of March I go for IWA2014 fairs in Nuremberg. Hopefully I will have some exciting news or at least some nice pictures to throw on blog. Anyway, welcome to 2014!