30 April 2014

3 competition videos

I just added 3 videos from competitions in April. 2 are from 3Gun matches and 1 is from IDPA match.

First video is recent Liga Sportera match. It was not my best performance so far. Partially I blame gear (obviously! it is always gear problem!), but I'm afraid I had my own part in this.

03 April 2014

IDPA @ Makówka - Round 1

Last Sunday we shot small IDPA match (5 stages, 62 shots) organized by TSK Ba-Bach. This is first round of series of matches aimed on revive IDPA in Poland and convince more shooters to join. Matches schedule can be found at http://www.idpa.com/clubprofile/ba-bach .

I used my HK45C to compete in CDP. I'm trying to learn shooting .45. For now I'm definitely too slow but I feel like slowly gaining confidence. I think Heinie Straight 8 sights are not best for my eye problems. I must try Trijicon HD for faster front sight acquisition.