23 May 2013

Blaszanka match and P30L pointless test continued

Last Sunday we handgun shootoff match, called "Blaszanka". Name came from traditional first prize, that is bottle of Whisky in tin can made from "blacha". I do not like shooting steel, it somehow intimidate me, anyway I managed to make 3rd place. I was almost 2nd, but "almost is big difference". During this match I used my HK P30L with LEM trigger. I shot 221 rounds of Geco 124gr FMJ and 3 rounds of Barnaul 115gr FMJ steel cased ammo. Barnaul was used to check it on chrono. It barely made Power Factor 125 (125,000 in IDPA) - this is really weak round. Round count since last cleaning and lubing - 467.

14 May 2013

Pointless HK P30L endurance test

Recently I received from HK set of factory parts for my P30L. Those parts are V2 LEM trigger with slightly reduced trigger travel. Reset distance remains same. Anyway, installing this parts (drop in without any need of fitting - HK standard) was opportunity to clean up my P30L. Actually field stripping it, made gunk just drop out under own weight. I did not do detailed cleaning, but removed most of what could be removed with soft cloth and paper towels. Put some oil on it and assembled. I decided, that this is opportunity to see how good my P30L works. So from now on I will keep record of rounds fired, add some oil when I feel it really slows down and clean when it starts to malfunction or I got bored (whatever comes first).
Last weekend was opportunity to log 243 rounds on Steel Day organized by Shooting Academy range. Below is video from this match.

11 May 2013

How to mod H&S Speedsec 5CW HK USP speed holster to work with HK P30, P30L, HK45 and HK45c

When I got my first P30, I hand on hand my first IPSC speed holster for HK USP: Hoppner and Schumann Speedsec 5CW. I modified it to work with P30 using Dremel tool with cylinder shaped milling bit and hand file. 5CW is made from polymer so use low speed and work slowly to not overdo. Modified holster still accepts HK USP, but also works with USP Compact, P2000, P2000SK, P30, P30L, HK45, HK45C and even HK P7.

08 May 2013

IO Aimpoint Micro cover finally arrived

When I first learned about IO Aimpoint Micro cover, I was very excited. Actually I backed this project via Kickstarter service.

Since shipping cost to Poland would probably beat manufacturing cost, I provided address of my friend in US (with his permission) for shipping my Kickstarter "backer kit". But when cover arrived my friend already forgot about it. When he got package he was all "what kind of s..t is that, I do not even own Aimpoint Micro and never ordered such stuff" and he was ready to trash it. Fortunately on same day I asked him if he received my IO cover yet. That was close! But then cover waited for opportunity to be sent to me. This opportunity presented itself, when my daughter turned 1 and friend wanted to send her birthday gift. So now she plays on nice set Skip-Hop floor tiles, I have my IO cover and we both are happy campers! Happy End!

(on photo IO cover spreads it's love over Aimpoint Micto T1 mounted on wz.96 Mini Beryl 5.56 SBR)

04 May 2013

3Gun Liga Sportera match - very unlucky for me.

Most unlucky match for me. On 3rd stage shot first I had some problems (user induced) with my quick loader, then RO claimed finger on the trigger during loading shell to shotgun port.I do believe that I did not have finger on the trigger, because with pistol grip stock I'm unable to keep finger on trigger when I hold shotgun by pistol grip only and in right side up position. Actually in other position, with shotgun tilted left side up, I also did not have finger on the trigger, despite RO obviously "fishing" to see that. Anyway it is "word against word" issue, as there are no witnesses who can confirm either statement and in this case RO had last word. I do believe event is just result of over eagerness of young RO. As lesson learned, I will make damn sure it will not happen again, because even if there is 1% chance I'm wrong, I must be sure it will not happen again. Routine is one of biggest enemies of seasoned shooters.

In this match I used FB Radom "Mini Radom Sport" (wz. 96 Mini Beryl) 5.56 rifle with Aimpoint Micro T1, Benelli M1 Super90 12gauge with Insight MRDS and HK P2000SK with Vortex Razor Red Dot and Viridian C5L.