14 May 2013

Pointless HK P30L endurance test

Recently I received from HK set of factory parts for my P30L. Those parts are V2 LEM trigger with slightly reduced trigger travel. Reset distance remains same. Anyway, installing this parts (drop in without any need of fitting - HK standard) was opportunity to clean up my P30L. Actually field stripping it, made gunk just drop out under own weight. I did not do detailed cleaning, but removed most of what could be removed with soft cloth and paper towels. Put some oil on it and assembled. I decided, that this is opportunity to see how good my P30L works. So from now on I will keep record of rounds fired, add some oil when I feel it really slows down and clean when it starts to malfunction or I got bored (whatever comes first).
Last weekend was opportunity to log 243 rounds on Steel Day organized by Shooting Academy range. Below is video from this match.

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