16 December 2019

I took HK SFP9L OR with Aimpoint ACRO C1 to IPSC match - you want believe what happened!

Actually nothing really shocking, but since I baited you here, you can well read and watch match video ;)

Recently I received from Aimpoint T&E sample of their new, pistol oriented ACRO C-1 sight. Thanks to HK distributor in Poland, Cenzin sp. z o.o., I was able to put my hands on optic ready HK SFP9L OR. Aimpoint provided correct mounting adapter plate for HK OR system and I was good to go. And what place better to test, shot of real life use, than competition?

So I took this combo to L1 IPSC match, registered in Production Optics division. As new rules allowed I uses modified trigger I used Lazy Wolf trigger and HKParts match springs set. Some anti skid tape on grip and good to go. In short, this kit is better than shooter. Acquiring dot is easier than on open design sights, however it is possible to loose dot, especially when shooting in non standard position just after magazine change.

I was only shooter in Production Optics on this match, so I won with myself ;) But there was also overall match results, with all divisions together and I had 64% and a change of Open division winner. I'm sure that with more time with this combo (I just had enough time to zero it properly at 20m) and I could do much better!