16 December 2019

I took HK SFP9L OR with Aimpoint ACRO C1 to IPSC match - you want believe what happened!

Actually nothing really shocking, but since I baited you here, you can well read and watch match video ;)

Recently I received from Aimpoint T&E sample of their new, pistol oriented ACRO C-1 sight. Thanks to HK distributor in Poland, Cenzin sp. z o.o., I was able to put my hands on optic ready HK SFP9L OR. Aimpoint provided correct mounting adapter plate for HK OR system and I was good to go. And what place better to test, shot of real life use, than competition?

So I took this combo to L1 IPSC match, registered in Production Optics division. As new rules allowed I uses modified trigger I used Lazy Wolf trigger and HKParts match springs set. Some anti skid tape on grip and good to go. In short, this kit is better than shooter. Acquiring dot is easier than on open design sights, however it is possible to loose dot, especially when shooting in non standard position just after magazine change.

I was only shooter in Production Optics on this match, so I won with myself ;) But there was also overall match results, with all divisions together and I had 64% and a change of Open division winner. I'm sure that with more time with this combo (I just had enough time to zero it properly at 20m) and I could do much better!

15 October 2019

HK P2000SK and Shield RMSc goes IPSC

I was recently tinkering with my P2000SK to make it a bit more "modern". With help of my local gunsmith (Top Gun in Warsaw) it got slide cut for Glock M.O.S. plates (it was done long before HK presented OR plates and I used adapter plates to be able to test different RDS). Basically changes are:
1. Shield RMSc 4MOA plus M.O.S. adapter on loan from RWS Cetus (Shield distributor in Poland)
2. LEM V4.1 trigger
3. HK45C magazine release
4. Talon Grips in rubber black provided by Talon Grips (https://talongungrips.com/pistol-grips/hk/p2000sk.html)
5. Viridian C5L

This was part of my project to make modernized sub-compact carry pistol. One of things to asses is how good it works "on the clock". Shooting drills on training is one thing, but shooting competition puts more pressure. Since IPSC allow now guns wit RDS into Production Optic and Production Optic Light divisions I entered L1 IPSC match with my P2000SK. I used 10 round magazines (rules allow 15 rounds loaded in magazine) and removed laser/light to comply. How it worked out you can see on video below. Some remarks on lessons learned are put in video desctiption. Tell me what you think!

UPDATE: My result was 65% of division winner.

02 March 2017

Leviathan Awakes

No, this post is not about excellent Sci-Fi series The Expanse and neither about book with this title. It is about what apparently happened recently to Heckler & Koch.

Obviously one of things that happened is HK433. Still behind the glass, still in late prototype stage, still confirmation on expected prices, but it is here. But that is not all. Far from it.

Second glass box on HK booth at Enforce Tac fairs hold short barreled
versions of G36 and HK416 in .300 Whisper aka .300 AAC Blackout. Yes. Finally HK joins the band and better late than never. But this is not all. Far from it.

06 February 2017

Is Polish MSBS rifle is as good as dead?

This is not factual information, but opinion piece based on my personal assessment of future of MSBS rifle program. Please take it with grain of salt.

MSBS program is in place for over 10 years already. It should be enough to design and start manufacturing of 2 or even 3 designs. What we have after this time is:

1. 100+ MSBS straight pull repeating blank firing rifles delivered to Ceremonial Company of Polish Armed Forces.
2. Some prototypes of MSBS delivered for informal testing by Border Guard and Prison Service.
3. MSBS in military certification trials scheduled to end later this year (those are not acceptance tests!)
4. MSBS bulpup is even no longer presented by FB Radom on trade fair exhibition.

This of course does not outright mean that program will be canceled or rifle will not be adopted. But there is one big nail to MSBS coffin:

20 September 2016

New style barrel extension in HK416A5 and MR223A3

HK416A5 (and MR223A3) does have numerous changes and upgrades over older variants. Some are easily noticeable, some require closer inspection and some are well hidden. One of this well hidden differences is design of how barrel extension interfaces with upper receiver and how it is positioned.
In my opinion new method whit cut out in barrel extension and wedge on upper receiver is much better idea that classic barrel extension pin in AR15. New design is simpler, stronger, more fool proof and provide better positioning in barrel in relation to upper receiver.

23 December 2014

Trijicon HD sights on my HK45C

Yes, I'm alive! Sorry for long hiatus, but "real life" come in way. Happens.

Anyway, Santa come little earlier this year with nice set of Trijicon HD sights for my HK45C. I used first opportunity to install them. It was not easy, but they sit in place. Then I went to verify zero on the range. On picture you can see two 25 round groups. First was on 15m (some 16+ yards), second on 25m (some 27+ yards) - I think it is easy to tell them apart on first glance. POA was top of front sight "slice" bulls-eye in half (at least I tried to keep it there). Both shot offhand with two hand grip, slow pace (and breaks to change/load magazines every 5 rounds). Looks like I need to adjust POA a little, but overall I'm really impressed with this sights. They do agree with my eyes. I will see how they work on some IDPA matches at first opportunity, but I expect them to do just fine. Previously I used Heinie Straight 8 sights, but those did not work good for me. I did not care much for dot over dot alignment and POA/POI relation was completely of for me with POI much higher than on stock sights. Finally I went back to stock HK sights. But looks like Trijicon HD sights will stay here for good. I also need to replace my aging Meprolight sights on P2000SK and SFP9-SF will need nice set of sights, when I get one in my hands.

02 June 2014

New Aimpoint Micro T2

I just got info that Aimpoint is going to show new Micro T2 at Eurosatory fair.  It has updated body, with flip-caps, ability to ad anti-reflective device, shielded turret and increased body ruggedness. There is also new reflective coating on lenses to improve quality of view, delivers 5 years on one battery and is water tight to 25m. Basically this is all that was revealed for now. I must say it looks slick. Can't wait to put my hands on one and look trough it. (picture: Aimpoint)