27 January 2012

Polish wz.88 Tantal and wz.96 Beryl rifles story

Small Arms Defense Journal has great article on history of Polish own AK evolution with Tantal and Beryl rifles from '80s up to 2011. Very interesting read for everyone interested in modern AKs and some clever (and not so clever) ideas to improve them.


Thanks to VLODPG for bringing this one to my attention!

25 January 2012

Stop ACTA!

I tried to steer away from politics in my blog, but I have strong feeling, that accepting ACTA is strong blow to human rights and under disguise of protecting intelectual property, opens way to abuse rights of citizens by companies, individuals or governments, without court control and outside of local laws.

Politicians keep saying that ACTA does not implement new regulations. If it is true, why bother signing trade treaty that works above existing law regulations, given by democratic parliaments in open voting?

I have strong feeling that ACTA can be used or can lead to mechanisms that can be used against private gun ownership. ACTA defines "suspect" as "convict" unless "convict" will prove he is innocent - very good way to deal with individuals or group of people, like lawful gun owners. All is needed is false accusation (and ACTA excludes penalization of false accusations) and any property of "suspect/convict" can be seized.

Manner and means of negotiating and implementing ACTA outside any democratic or public control can, if succeeded, can be used for other initiative to abuse rights of citizens in so called "free countries".

Goal should not excuse means!


24 January 2012

Hornady Steel Match in HK MR223

I just got some Hornady Steel Match ammo for my HK MR223 rifle for 3Gun use. Since I was shooting 62gr surplus ammo (Santa Barbara) before, last Friday I decided for quick trip to the range, to verify zero on my scope. I use 50m zero, that I feel gives me good trajectory for getting effectively Point Blank Range on almost everything I can encounter here on 3Gun or IPSC match. I quickly set put improvised shooting position out of my CED range bag and some school table that I found around (I was not ready to lay down in my everyday clothes, sorry) and started to shoot. Targets that I had on hand on the range were ISSF 25m pistol targets ("10" ring is 50mm or 1.9685"). Not best target for precise aiming with 4x scope. But I was in hurry and only wanted to verify zero. So I quickly shot 10 shot group to get good estimation of POA/POI shift.

When I got to the target, I was kind of pleased with what I saw. Actually I probably should stop shooting after 3 shots, to get bragging rights for 1/4MOA group. But since I did not and did not dismiss lone flyer so here it is: 10 shots, 50m ES 1.144MOA, ATC: 0.359MOA. I made 0.2mrad right and 0.2mrad down and called it a day.

3Gun match Liga Sportera 2012 - 1st edition

On 22nd of January we had first in 2012 match in Liga Sportera 3Gun. This was also first edition with new set of rules. We have new scoring method, based on time and time penalties, but stages are then reduced to 100% for stage winner, so every stage is equal for match result. We also have new divisions: Classical (only iron sights, no front grips, only manual shotgun, etc.), Tactical (like Classical but non magnifying sights allowed on rifle and shotgun, front grips allowed, etc.) and Open (anything goes, but race holsters forbidden, semi auto shotguns, also box fed, allowed). I was shooting Open with HK MR223 rifle equipped with Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24 scope (I like this scope very much - quality piece of equipment), Benelli Supernova shotgun with Docter-clone sight and HK P30L LEM pistol.
Unfortunately 2 stages (2 and 8) were cancelled because not all shooters managed to shoot them before dark. I did not manage to shoot stage 2, but managed to fail miserably on stage 8, so I was not that sad after all.

17 January 2012

HK416 rails from Geisselle and Remington

Surprisingly co-ordinated in time both Geisselle Autmatics and Remington Defense presented new modular handguard systems for HK416/M27 series of rifles (handguards are compatible also with MR556A1, MR223 and MR223A1 civilian match rifles). Looks like those products are aimed on military demand, that is high enought to pay for R&D costs and to set up production of this rails. I wonder how it goes in line with all "everybody is dropping HK416 in favor for better rifles from (insert favorite gun maker)" hype on gun and tactical forums? Looks like HK416 is there and plans to be around. (Photos from Geissele Automatics and Remington Defense).

13 January 2012

Video installation instruction for LEM conversion on HK pistols.

HKPro forums member Carrera prepared great and detailed video instruction of how to install LEM conversion kit for HK45C pistol. Because trigger systems in HK pistols are similar this instruction can also apply to HK USP, USP Compact and HK45. Also it will help with P2000/P30 series conversions, however different parts kit is required. Parts look same, but hammer pin has different diameter on P-series.

Carrera also prepared detailed written instruction in pdf file, that can be found on  HKPro under this link

Next video after opening post