30 July 2012

Hera MPSS 45 and 90 degree selector tested

Update on Hera MPSS safety for AR-15 style semi-automatic rifles/carbines/pistol.

I mounted kit and tested it for some time, including on competition. Safety is very well made, with very good finish. Cut outs for safety plunger are very well made. Previously I used 45 degree safety from Oberland Arms, that was very poorly made and plunger cuts were made in way, that safety was impossible to switch without additional milling to make it work. No such case with Hera stuff. Also (polymer) levers are made good. They fit safety without any play.

15 July 2012

Sad IPSC rifle match

Yesterday I was shooting IPSC rifle match in Hodonice, Czech Republic. This match was part of Czech national championship, CNC. It consists one handgun, one shotgun and one rifle match. This rifle match is mostly short to medium range targets, so it is rather fast and dynamic. Only 4 stages (3, 7, 12 and 13) include some longer range shooting and/or smaller targets. I made some mistakes on this match, some stages went good. Especially stage 12 (longest range) went particularly good for me.

So why "sad" match?

07 July 2012

Range is Hot!

It is! I decided to visit range today (yesterday actually) and when I was shooting it was around 36C (97F) on the range. But little discomfort should not stop anybody from visiting shooting range!

I took my HK MR223 to verify zero with new muzzle device. I plan to shoot Level III IPSC rifle match in Czech Republic next week. New muzzle device is from GoGun USA. It is called Supercomp No Talon. It seem to be working OK. When shooting standing with scope on 1x at IDPA target 50yd away, I barely seen scope movement. This was with Hornady Steel Match 55gr ammo. With some military surplus 62gr FMJ movement was more noticeable, but still OK. I even managed to put some hammered pairs at 50yd.