30 July 2012

Hera MPSS 45 and 90 degree selector tested

Update on Hera MPSS safety for AR-15 style semi-automatic rifles/carbines/pistol.

I mounted kit and tested it for some time, including on competition. Safety is very well made, with very good finish. Cut outs for safety plunger are very well made. Previously I used 45 degree safety from Oberland Arms, that was very poorly made and plunger cuts were made in way, that safety was impossible to switch without additional milling to make it work. No such case with Hera stuff. Also (polymer) levers are made good. They fit safety without any play.

I prefer to use it on short throw 45 degree setting. Safety works very good in that. If requires enough force to not allow accidental switching. It very positively "clicks" into either place, so shooter has not doubts if safety was positively engaged or disengaged. I installed short/high lever on left side for thumb operation (disengaging safety) and crank lever on right side for trigger finger operation (engaging safety). Possibility of using 90 degree setting adds to modularity and usability for those that do not feel confident with 45 degree setting but want to have option of using multiple safety levers provided.

Overall, it is very good product, probably best available outside US. Great alternative for those who want short throw modular safety and can not get Battle Arms Development BAD-ASS ST 45 degree safety or new Noveske STS 60 degree safety (uses only Magpul SCAR SSG selector levers). All this 12 selectors (and 3 endcaps) thrown into package makes easier to decide what configuration suits shooting style or shooter ergonomics best. No need to worry about that when ordering.

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