25 June 2013

3Gun Liga Sportera, 23rd of June 2013

Again, 3Gun Liga Sportera match. I had some problems on stage 2 and 4, but both I brought upon myself. On stage 2 I used 28g (1oz) reduced recoil slugs, that I know that they barely cycle my Benelli M1. Of course on stage they did not cycle it at all. Luckily only 5 shots required. On stage 4 I had problem with hitting steel with my HK45C - problem is I set sights at home to be more-less straight and did not have time to verify POA/POI. I could take my other handgun with me, but just for fun decided to take HK45C. I also first time used HSGI Battle Belt and G-Code MULE holster platform with RTI system. This setup work nice for me, I just need to get some HSGI Pistol Taco's for it.

My setup this time was 5.56mm wz.96/06 Mini Beryl (aka Mini Radom-Sport) 9.4" SBR with Aimpoint Micro T1, 12 gauge Benelli M1 Super 90 with Vortex Razor Red Dot and .45ACP HK45C.

19 June 2013

HK P30/P30L short travel LEM (CDA) trigger V4.1 aka V4 CH

For last month or so I'm testing reduced travel LEM (called CDA in Europe, for Combat Defense Action) trigger, that I call V4.1 (internal HK designation V4 CH). What this trigger group does is reducing pre-travel  on P30 LEM trigger by roughly 1/3, from 15mm (0.590")  to 10mm (0.393") measured in middle of trigger height. After initial pre-travel there is 1.5mm (0.059") of sear engagement travel (think of it as second stage in 2-stage trigger) and 1mm (0.039") of over-travel. Sear travel and over-travel are same for all variants (V4.1 does not change that) except for V6, that is "real" DAO trigger. Reset is same as standard LEM trigger at 7.5mm (0.295"). 5mm (0.196") of reduction may not sound a lot, but in real life it make big difference. It no longer feels like eternity to take up LEM trigger, so there is less tendency for trigger jerking during fast shooting. Overall feel is very good.

For those wondering how to get this trigger, nice guys from HK sent me conversion chart for every P30/P30L trigger variant and give green light to share it.

01 June 2013

5th Olsztyn Open IPSC handgun match

Last Saturday, 25th of May, I shot  IPSC handgun match in Olsztyn, Poland. I had quite a pause in shooting IPSC matches, but it went quite good for me. My new V4.1 LEM trigger in P30L works fine. As always with HK, you just drop parts in and good to go - no fitting needed. I have two failures to fire. When I looked on rounds, it is clear that in new batch of Geco, they used new type of primer. It is either much harder or not very reliable. Actually since RWS moved manufacture of this ammo from Swiss to Hungary (ex-MFS plant) seem like quality went significantly down. Time to start loading own ammo, at least for match use.
On this match I used 224 rounds of Geco 124gr FMJ "IPSC Approved" ammo. That means 691 rounds since last cleaning of pistol. 2 failure to fire malfunctions, both of new lot of Geco ammo.