01 June 2013

5th Olsztyn Open IPSC handgun match

Last Saturday, 25th of May, I shot  IPSC handgun match in Olsztyn, Poland. I had quite a pause in shooting IPSC matches, but it went quite good for me. My new V4.1 LEM trigger in P30L works fine. As always with HK, you just drop parts in and good to go - no fitting needed. I have two failures to fire. When I looked on rounds, it is clear that in new batch of Geco, they used new type of primer. It is either much harder or not very reliable. Actually since RWS moved manufacture of this ammo from Swiss to Hungary (ex-MFS plant) seem like quality went significantly down. Time to start loading own ammo, at least for match use.
On this match I used 224 rounds of Geco 124gr FMJ "IPSC Approved" ammo. That means 691 rounds since last cleaning of pistol. 2 failure to fire malfunctions, both of new lot of Geco ammo.

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