25 June 2013

3Gun Liga Sportera, 23rd of June 2013

Again, 3Gun Liga Sportera match. I had some problems on stage 2 and 4, but both I brought upon myself. On stage 2 I used 28g (1oz) reduced recoil slugs, that I know that they barely cycle my Benelli M1. Of course on stage they did not cycle it at all. Luckily only 5 shots required. On stage 4 I had problem with hitting steel with my HK45C - problem is I set sights at home to be more-less straight and did not have time to verify POA/POI. I could take my other handgun with me, but just for fun decided to take HK45C. I also first time used HSGI Battle Belt and G-Code MULE holster platform with RTI system. This setup work nice for me, I just need to get some HSGI Pistol Taco's for it.

My setup this time was 5.56mm wz.96/06 Mini Beryl (aka Mini Radom-Sport) 9.4" SBR with Aimpoint Micro T1, 12 gauge Benelli M1 Super 90 with Vortex Razor Red Dot and .45ACP HK45C.

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