11 December 2012

SHOT Show 2013

It looks like it will happen. Montrala@SHOT. Plane tickets reserved, hotel reserved, press badge registered. Montrala is going to shot show. I will mainly gather material for gun magazine in Poland, that I work with. Kind like second job, but nevertheless I like to do that. But this mean I will have also more to share here. With me comes my trusty Sony DSC-F707 camera. Anyone can suggest me decent camera store in Las Vegas, with good prices? Need something new, but I'm on tight budget.

In meantime I promised to write more on G28 and I did not forgot that. Only I want to have little more time with it. Soon I should have opportunity to give it a little more in depth look, thanks to HK mil/le distributor in Poland. They will even provide guy to carry it around. Good, this thing weights as lot!

(Photo top to bottom: G28, G28 Patrol, HK417A2 DMR)

17 October 2012

HK416A5 - newest evolution of famous assault rifle

During my recent wisit at HK factory in Oberndorf I had opportunity to see and shoot newest installment of HK416 assault rifle, designated HK416A5. While HK has something more in works, this version is to become new standard for some time.

While every year some manufacturer comes up with "HK416 killer", this child of M4 and G36 seems to still be alive and kicking. HK416 is in worldwide use by military (including or mostly by special forces units) and law enforcement. Those users give HK feedback or request some features. What HK want to accomplish is to put most of this requirements in one, standard package, called HK416A5. Most of this features come from M27 IAR, HK416"Norway", G28 or IC candidate, but of course has all previous features like firing pin safety and Over The Beach capability. In next paragraphs I will try to describe this features.

14 October 2012

Shooting HK rifles, machine guns and sub machine guns.

Last week, thanks to HK and Cenrex companies and my friend Leer, I had opportunity to visit HK factory in Oberndorf am Neckar, Germany.

Among different interesting things was short trip to the range. I had opportunity to shoot numerous of different firearms there. Strongest impression was made by shooting long handguard HK417 in full auto. Not overly heavy and very controllable. Also MP7A1 put a big smile on my ugly face ;)

But mostly I wanted to try new German Army DMR rifle - G28. This is great package, but if you think other HK rifles are heavy, after trying this one, other feel like kids toys.

Unfortunatelly shooting G36 and G36C with new IdZ stocks did not get recored well. Also new HK416A5 is only briefly recorded. Other weapons shot include two machine guns - MG4 and HK121, MP5SD and two configurations of MP7A1, HK417 in DMR configuration, PSG1 and of course G28 in DMR configuration (there is also Patrol configuration).

I will review my findings on HK416A5, new HK417, G28 and other HK small arms I tried later this week.

10 October 2012

Montrala @ Oberndorf am Neckar

I packed my MR223, took it in my car and 14 hours later I arrived to Oberndorf am Neckar in Germany. I wanted guys at HK to have a look at some issue that developed in my MR223. I was assured that issue is of purely cosmetic kind and will not affect rifle function (I will cover that later). By the way, I had opportunity to see and fondle some cool stuff. Tomorrow I will be able also to shoot some more cool stuff. As a teaser, photo of my MR223 from family reunion - with newest (that the can show) HK416A5 and HK417. Enjoy!

24 September 2012

2nd 3Gun Liga Sportera Championship of Poland

Sorry for late report, but I spent almost whole week training ITIL, then had family weekend. But here it goes.

At 15th and 16th of September, at shooting range in Podstolice near Września in Poland, took place 2nd 3Gun Liga Sportera Championship of Poland. Competition was held over 8 stages with over 200 shots to make. It is not big competition by US standards, but we are limited with size of available shooting ranges here in Poland. Very limited access to firearms make shooting a niche sport and any form of so called "dynamic" or "practical" shooting even more. But despite this problems sport is developing and we gain more and more shooters on Liga Sportera matches.

07 September 2012

MSPO 2012

This week in Kielce, Poland, there were MSPO 2012 (21st International Defence Industry Exhibition). Some interesting things were presented. I will prepare separate review on new Etronika themal vision monocular. But here some other stuff:

15 August 2012

MSBS-5.56 New assault rifle for Polish Army

Fabryka Broni from Radom, Poland (FB Radom) presented yesterday latest prototypes of MSBS assault rifle. This rifle, designed together with Military Technical Academy in Warsaw is proposition of next generation assault rifle for Polish Army.

01 August 2012

Warsaw Rising 1944

Today is 68th anniversary of Warsaw Rising 1944. Polish Resistance fought Nazi Germany for control over capital city of Poland. At same time Soviet Russia prevented US and British airforce from providing aid, by refusing them landing and refuel, but even at edge of range British, US and Polish pilots tried to help Warsaw, paying ultimate price. Also Polish soldiers from Red Army, that came to help Resistance was cut off from supply and support. When II World War started on 1st of September 1939, there were 1,300,000 inhabitants in Warsaw, after fall of Warsaw Uprising there was less than 1,000 people living in City of Ruins. Today, as every 1st of August city of Warsaw will stop for 1 minute at 5 p.m. UTC+1.

When in Warsaw, please visit Warsaw Rising Museum (http://www.1944.pl/en/). If you want to know more about those terrible events, watch this BBC movie below (after page break) on one of biggest atrocities in WWII:

30 July 2012

Hera MPSS 45 and 90 degree selector tested

Update on Hera MPSS safety for AR-15 style semi-automatic rifles/carbines/pistol.

I mounted kit and tested it for some time, including on competition. Safety is very well made, with very good finish. Cut outs for safety plunger are very well made. Previously I used 45 degree safety from Oberland Arms, that was very poorly made and plunger cuts were made in way, that safety was impossible to switch without additional milling to make it work. No such case with Hera stuff. Also (polymer) levers are made good. They fit safety without any play.

15 July 2012

Sad IPSC rifle match

Yesterday I was shooting IPSC rifle match in Hodonice, Czech Republic. This match was part of Czech national championship, CNC. It consists one handgun, one shotgun and one rifle match. This rifle match is mostly short to medium range targets, so it is rather fast and dynamic. Only 4 stages (3, 7, 12 and 13) include some longer range shooting and/or smaller targets. I made some mistakes on this match, some stages went good. Especially stage 12 (longest range) went particularly good for me.

So why "sad" match?

07 July 2012

Range is Hot!

It is! I decided to visit range today (yesterday actually) and when I was shooting it was around 36C (97F) on the range. But little discomfort should not stop anybody from visiting shooting range!

I took my HK MR223 to verify zero with new muzzle device. I plan to shoot Level III IPSC rifle match in Czech Republic next week. New muzzle device is from GoGun USA. It is called Supercomp No Talon. It seem to be working OK. When shooting standing with scope on 1x at IDPA target 50yd away, I barely seen scope movement. This was with Hornady Steel Match 55gr ammo. With some military surplus 62gr FMJ movement was more noticeable, but still OK. I even managed to put some hammered pairs at 50yd.

22 June 2012

Fathers Day gift

Since I become a father less than 2 months ago, I decided that a Fathers Day gift is in order :)

And I found this unused Benelli M1 Super 90 shotgun, with 18.5" barrel and 7 round tube laying behind shelves of one nearby gun shop. 2 visits at Police HQ to get paperwork, stop by ATM machine (it is easier to negotiate price with hard cash in hand) and after visiting gun shop I have my gift, that I bought myself in from my kid. Isn't Fathers Day nice idea?

11 June 2012

Pictures of my HKs, but not only them

I decided to take some photos, to show people what I shoot most of the time. It gave me some opportunity to play with some camera software on my smartphone. Please forgive me poor quality and toying with effects and filters. So here it goes:

HK P2000SK in 9x19mm with 6lb LEM trigger. I added also HK45C magazine release. This is huge improvement over standard magazine release. I have Meprolight night sights, that soon will be changed for new ones - tritium inserts are coming to their end. Magazines are equipped with Pearce Grip PG-2733 extensions. Those are intended for Glock 27 and 33, but modified work fine with P2000SK. They give much better grip on pistol, without adding much to size and +1 capacity. Most of the time pistol is equipped with Viridian C5L green laser and light combo. I think C5L is perfect package for subcompact gun. Only if Viridian come with more reassuring mounting solution. All this stuff sits nice in Raven Phantom holster and magazine pouch. Holster is configured for OWB carry, but I also configure it for IWB and even AIWB. I do shoot it sometimes in IDPA SSP (with C5L removed) and in 3Gun Liga Sportera. My trusty P2000SK is now oldest in my inventory and it never let me down. I totally trust this little beast.

08 June 2012

Fun day in Obuchowo

Yesterday we went, together with Grzehoo and Obione (ATom joined later), to newly opened shooting range in Obuchowo, near Morąg (Poland). This is former military range that after 40 years of no use was just revived by new, private owner. We were first shooters to use this range. It has four 25m bays and two 300m bays (one 36m wide, second 3m wide for zeroing purpose).

I took my HK MR223 (eqivalent of MR556) and FB Radom Mini Beryl. We were shooting small (20cmx30cm) armour plates and some IPSC targets (one at 100m, 3 at 300m). Small plates were at 200m and 300m.

30 May 2012

Blog hiatus

About month ago I became a happy father. This made me slow down on my other activities in last two month and probably in next two as well, but I assure that this blog is not going to die.

05 April 2012

Hera Arms MPSS 45/90dgr safety selector

I just received Hera Arms MPSS kit. It is very interesting approach to safety selector for AR-15 type of rifles with semi-auto triggers. In one kit we have possibility to select traditional, 90 degree safety throw, or use 45 degree short throw. Kit comes with 12 levers and 3 blank caps. Actually there is 4 types of levers and 1 cap, but we get them in 3 colors: black, tan and green. I will install this soon in my HK rifle and report back with results. First glance shows very high quality of parts.
(image from Hera Arms website)

28 March 2012

List of triggers that work with HK416, MR556A1 or MR223

This question comes back every so often. I decided to try collecting list of trigger groups that work with HK firing pin safety, so can be used either in lower other than HK or dropped into HK lower. Looks like most M16/M4 select fire triggers work with it, so list is of semi-auto triggers. Please take in mind that HK firing pin safety takes some hammer energy to disengage. Using very light trigger setup with light hammer springs can lead to light primer strikers on some brands of ammo (surplus, Russian, etc.):

ALG Defense ACT
Armalite National Match 2-stage
ATC AR-Gold Trigger (needs fitting for MR223 due to rear receiver pin location)
CMMG Gen2 2-stage
Franklin Armory Binary Firing System III (BFS III)
JP Competition Trigger
JP EZ Trigger
Geisselle HK MR556
KAC 2-stage
RRA National Match 2-stage (CAUTION: Only new version with rounded hammer is compatible)
Timney AR-15 Skeletonized
UHL Trigger (German made)
Wilson Combat TTU-3G and TTU-M2

I will try to update this list when new info will come in. Please give confirmed info on other triggers, I will update list.

WARNING: Some triggers will not work properly with HK safety from 2-stage "European" trigger (one that allows to be put on safe with hammer down). Old style HK safety or aftermarket safety may be necessary.


Geisselle SSF - standard model reported not to work reliably with HK416, special model required.

Last update 27th of Dec 2017 (BSF III added)

22 March 2012

3Gun Liga Sportera - Podstolice 18.03.2012

Unlucky match for me. Managed to twist my right knee on stage 1 (second stage I shot) while putting pistol to the box. Fortunately nothing serious - my knee pads helped to keep my knee ligaments together. I finished stage fueled by adrenaline and with support of elastic band and some strong painkillers finished match.
This match was also first opportunity to test Mesa Tactical Urbino stock on my Benelli Supernova. All I can tell, this stock is amazing! Finally I have some sort of control over that thing.

You may want to check LewPrzem's YouTube channel (Click Here!). This guy really knows how to shoot, for now, he is unbeatable around here. He shoots in Tactical class, but even in Open class we do not even come close. Maybe because he trains for our taxes ;)

05 March 2012

3Gun Liga Sportera local match at ZKS club

Club level 3Gun Liga Sportera. I decided to take it easy and brought my Mini-Beryl rifle. It is second time ever I use it in competition. Fun shooting it. On stage 2 with evil clays best tactics to win, was dump 5 rounds as fast as possible at them, abandon rifle run with pistol and accept 5 misses (25s penalty). But I was taking it easy and decide to shoot for fun. On stage 3 my RDS decided to go off for some time (it is cheap Delta Optical RDS), but later on it returned. Battery contact I think. Stage 4 is just mu usual lack of skill with shotgun. For so small range with only 2 50m bays available for dynamic shotting and restricted rifle use (can not take rifle forward of firing line per range regulations, it was fun shooting anyway.

23 February 2012

New sights on my HK45C

Yesterday in the evening I installed Heinie sights (Straight 8, Slant Pro, QWIK) in my HK45C. I managed to do so without damaging sights or slide (I endorse great guide to installing sights from Dave Dawson - on his Youtube channel). Today I had some 15 or 20 minutes to try zeroing them. Overall impression is that those are great sights. Well defined, easy to use. Definitely worth upgrade over factory HK Superluminova sights (that are not as bad as some say).

Unfortunately looks like those sight POI is well above POA (about 4" at 27 yards). I actually like to have POI area split by top of front sight at 27 yard and have POI under tritium dot at 10-16 yards. I must look for option of higher front sight from Heinie.

Target has 2 groups - one going from top left to low right was me drifting rear sight and looking for POA/POI relation. Second group I tried to shoot constant POA - looks like this can be very accurate pistol, if shooter does not disturb it or do stupid things with trigger (I was shooting off hand, I never use pistol rest). I definitely must train more with .45ACP before I will use it for CCW.

21 February 2012

Liga Sportera @ Military Range

First Liga Sportera organized on military reactive targets range. Shooting was fun, however military targets insisted on no recognizing hits, even from 7.62x51. Best was 7.62x39, probably provided higher vibration on targets, but it was lottery anyway. There are two versions on it:

1. Polish Army recognizes widespread use of personal ballistic protection and train to this conditions ;)
2. Target sensors are worn out completely :)

Moving targets at 200m and 300m were responding properly. Also some 200+m targets seemed to register hits best, while closest targets (easiest) needed sometime 5-10 hits, preferably a double tap to react.

BTW I must get myself better camera with wider lenses. It will make easier for my "draftee" cameraman. Should I get Contour camera as well? Please comment.

07 February 2012

Liga Sportera, ZKS 5.02.2012

Last Sunday we had Liga Sportera match in ZKS club in Warsaw. Total was 4 stages. Stage 3 and 4 (both pistol+shotgun) were not recorded (I messed them up anyway. Range has only 2 bays certified for dynamic shooting and only one certified for rifle, so this limits size of match. Temperature was about -14C to -18C (7F to 0F).

03 February 2012

Installed Dawson sights on my HK P30L

Last week I got set of competition kit sights for HK P30L, made by Dawson Precisions. Sights are with fiber optic front and plain rear sight. I followed great intruction on installing sight from Dave Dawson on his You Tube channel and had (almost) zero problem installing sights. Those instructions can be found here: rear sights and front sights.

Then I went to the range to confirm zero on new sights. I was shooting off hand 10 shot groups on distances (left to right target) 10m, 15m and 25m. Those are not best groups I ever made. It was my "trigger jerking" day apparently. I promise to try harder next time.

27 January 2012

Polish wz.88 Tantal and wz.96 Beryl rifles story

Small Arms Defense Journal has great article on history of Polish own AK evolution with Tantal and Beryl rifles from '80s up to 2011. Very interesting read for everyone interested in modern AKs and some clever (and not so clever) ideas to improve them.


Thanks to VLODPG for bringing this one to my attention!

25 January 2012

Stop ACTA!

I tried to steer away from politics in my blog, but I have strong feeling, that accepting ACTA is strong blow to human rights and under disguise of protecting intelectual property, opens way to abuse rights of citizens by companies, individuals or governments, without court control and outside of local laws.

Politicians keep saying that ACTA does not implement new regulations. If it is true, why bother signing trade treaty that works above existing law regulations, given by democratic parliaments in open voting?

I have strong feeling that ACTA can be used or can lead to mechanisms that can be used against private gun ownership. ACTA defines "suspect" as "convict" unless "convict" will prove he is innocent - very good way to deal with individuals or group of people, like lawful gun owners. All is needed is false accusation (and ACTA excludes penalization of false accusations) and any property of "suspect/convict" can be seized.

Manner and means of negotiating and implementing ACTA outside any democratic or public control can, if succeeded, can be used for other initiative to abuse rights of citizens in so called "free countries".

Goal should not excuse means!


24 January 2012

Hornady Steel Match in HK MR223

I just got some Hornady Steel Match ammo for my HK MR223 rifle for 3Gun use. Since I was shooting 62gr surplus ammo (Santa Barbara) before, last Friday I decided for quick trip to the range, to verify zero on my scope. I use 50m zero, that I feel gives me good trajectory for getting effectively Point Blank Range on almost everything I can encounter here on 3Gun or IPSC match. I quickly set put improvised shooting position out of my CED range bag and some school table that I found around (I was not ready to lay down in my everyday clothes, sorry) and started to shoot. Targets that I had on hand on the range were ISSF 25m pistol targets ("10" ring is 50mm or 1.9685"). Not best target for precise aiming with 4x scope. But I was in hurry and only wanted to verify zero. So I quickly shot 10 shot group to get good estimation of POA/POI shift.

When I got to the target, I was kind of pleased with what I saw. Actually I probably should stop shooting after 3 shots, to get bragging rights for 1/4MOA group. But since I did not and did not dismiss lone flyer so here it is: 10 shots, 50m ES 1.144MOA, ATC: 0.359MOA. I made 0.2mrad right and 0.2mrad down and called it a day.

3Gun match Liga Sportera 2012 - 1st edition

On 22nd of January we had first in 2012 match in Liga Sportera 3Gun. This was also first edition with new set of rules. We have new scoring method, based on time and time penalties, but stages are then reduced to 100% for stage winner, so every stage is equal for match result. We also have new divisions: Classical (only iron sights, no front grips, only manual shotgun, etc.), Tactical (like Classical but non magnifying sights allowed on rifle and shotgun, front grips allowed, etc.) and Open (anything goes, but race holsters forbidden, semi auto shotguns, also box fed, allowed). I was shooting Open with HK MR223 rifle equipped with Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24 scope (I like this scope very much - quality piece of equipment), Benelli Supernova shotgun with Docter-clone sight and HK P30L LEM pistol.
Unfortunately 2 stages (2 and 8) were cancelled because not all shooters managed to shoot them before dark. I did not manage to shoot stage 2, but managed to fail miserably on stage 8, so I was not that sad after all.

17 January 2012

HK416 rails from Geisselle and Remington

Surprisingly co-ordinated in time both Geisselle Autmatics and Remington Defense presented new modular handguard systems for HK416/M27 series of rifles (handguards are compatible also with MR556A1, MR223 and MR223A1 civilian match rifles). Looks like those products are aimed on military demand, that is high enought to pay for R&D costs and to set up production of this rails. I wonder how it goes in line with all "everybody is dropping HK416 in favor for better rifles from (insert favorite gun maker)" hype on gun and tactical forums? Looks like HK416 is there and plans to be around. (Photos from Geissele Automatics and Remington Defense).

13 January 2012

Video installation instruction for LEM conversion on HK pistols.

HKPro forums member Carrera prepared great and detailed video instruction of how to install LEM conversion kit for HK45C pistol. Because trigger systems in HK pistols are similar this instruction can also apply to HK USP, USP Compact and HK45. Also it will help with P2000/P30 series conversions, however different parts kit is required. Parts look same, but hammer pin has different diameter on P-series.

Carrera also prepared detailed written instruction in pdf file, that can be found on  HKPro under this link

Next video after opening post