22 March 2012

3Gun Liga Sportera - Podstolice 18.03.2012

Unlucky match for me. Managed to twist my right knee on stage 1 (second stage I shot) while putting pistol to the box. Fortunately nothing serious - my knee pads helped to keep my knee ligaments together. I finished stage fueled by adrenaline and with support of elastic band and some strong painkillers finished match.
This match was also first opportunity to test Mesa Tactical Urbino stock on my Benelli Supernova. All I can tell, this stock is amazing! Finally I have some sort of control over that thing.

You may want to check LewPrzem's YouTube channel (Click Here!). This guy really knows how to shoot, for now, he is unbeatable around here. He shoots in Tactical class, but even in Open class we do not even come close. Maybe because he trains for our taxes ;)

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