05 March 2012

3Gun Liga Sportera local match at ZKS club

Club level 3Gun Liga Sportera. I decided to take it easy and brought my Mini-Beryl rifle. It is second time ever I use it in competition. Fun shooting it. On stage 2 with evil clays best tactics to win, was dump 5 rounds as fast as possible at them, abandon rifle run with pistol and accept 5 misses (25s penalty). But I was taking it easy and decide to shoot for fun. On stage 3 my RDS decided to go off for some time (it is cheap Delta Optical RDS), but later on it returned. Battery contact I think. Stage 4 is just mu usual lack of skill with shotgun. For so small range with only 2 50m bays available for dynamic shotting and restricted rifle use (can not take rifle forward of firing line per range regulations, it was fun shooting anyway.

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  1. Looked like a good time!

    I'm missing out on all the fun. :-(