23 February 2012

New sights on my HK45C

Yesterday in the evening I installed Heinie sights (Straight 8, Slant Pro, QWIK) in my HK45C. I managed to do so without damaging sights or slide (I endorse great guide to installing sights from Dave Dawson - on his Youtube channel). Today I had some 15 or 20 minutes to try zeroing them. Overall impression is that those are great sights. Well defined, easy to use. Definitely worth upgrade over factory HK Superluminova sights (that are not as bad as some say).

Unfortunately looks like those sight POI is well above POA (about 4" at 27 yards). I actually like to have POI area split by top of front sight at 27 yard and have POI under tritium dot at 10-16 yards. I must look for option of higher front sight from Heinie.

Target has 2 groups - one going from top left to low right was me drifting rear sight and looking for POA/POI relation. Second group I tried to shoot constant POA - looks like this can be very accurate pistol, if shooter does not disturb it or do stupid things with trigger (I was shooting off hand, I never use pistol rest). I definitely must train more with .45ACP before I will use it for CCW.


  1. Anonymous24/2/12 18:52

    Didn't realize that concealed carry was legal in Poland. That's encouraging to hear!

    1. It is extremely hard to get CCW permit - 100% Police decision if they want to issue one or not. But yes, it is doable and Polish law on firearms and ammo includes "self defense" permit for "combat firearm for self defense" (defined as pistol or revolver with centerfire cartridge and bullet diameter from 6mm to 12mm) as one of types of permits. Law requires that this kind of firearm must be carried concealed in holster close to the body (no bag or backpack carry).