21 February 2012

Liga Sportera @ Military Range

First Liga Sportera organized on military reactive targets range. Shooting was fun, however military targets insisted on no recognizing hits, even from 7.62x51. Best was 7.62x39, probably provided higher vibration on targets, but it was lottery anyway. There are two versions on it:

1. Polish Army recognizes widespread use of personal ballistic protection and train to this conditions ;)
2. Target sensors are worn out completely :)

Moving targets at 200m and 300m were responding properly. Also some 200+m targets seemed to register hits best, while closest targets (easiest) needed sometime 5-10 hits, preferably a double tap to react.

BTW I must get myself better camera with wider lenses. It will make easier for my "draftee" cameraman. Should I get Contour camera as well? Please comment.

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