24 September 2012

2nd 3Gun Liga Sportera Championship of Poland

Sorry for late report, but I spent almost whole week training ITIL, then had family weekend. But here it goes.

At 15th and 16th of September, at shooting range in Podstolice near WrzeĊ›nia in Poland, took place 2nd 3Gun Liga Sportera Championship of Poland. Competition was held over 8 stages with over 200 shots to make. It is not big competition by US standards, but we are limited with size of available shooting ranges here in Poland. Very limited access to firearms make shooting a niche sport and any form of so called "dynamic" or "practical" shooting even more. But despite this problems sport is developing and we gain more and more shooters on Liga Sportera matches.

07 September 2012

MSPO 2012

This week in Kielce, Poland, there were MSPO 2012 (21st International Defence Industry Exhibition). Some interesting things were presented. I will prepare separate review on new Etronika themal vision monocular. But here some other stuff: