07 September 2012

MSPO 2012

This week in Kielce, Poland, there were MSPO 2012 (21st International Defence Industry Exhibition). Some interesting things were presented. I will prepare separate review on new Etronika themal vision monocular. But here some other stuff:


FB Radom presented 3D printout of new pistol in works. I already showed it on my blog, but here it goes once again. There is more "substancial" version of this pistol, but for now it is for internal use only. Nevertheless pistol looks very interesting.

Beretta Defense presented, among other things, new ARX-160 assault rifle in 7.62x39. Rifle uses original AK mags. Interesting part it it's magwell. It does not require standard rock-in motion used with AK mags. Instead mag is inserted in almost straight push with some small ammout of turn in motion on last part of travel. Good magwell makes it as easy, as putting in mag in AR15. Removing mag still requires same motion, plus Beretta put "ears" around mag catch lever, so no using mag to remove mag - hand operation only. Beretta also presented new Sako TRG M-10. Quite good looking rifle. I would love to put my hands on it. TRG-22 always worked great for me.

We have next instalement of our Plasma Blaster aka SKW-338 BORT (Selfloading Precision Rifle .338LM). This time 3D printout was replaced with working prototype. It was already tested (48 shots), but with no details on performance. Interesting than most of mass is behind pistol grip, what looks like barrel is in fact some kind of barrel shroud that works together with muzzle device (it is not sound suppressor). I'm sure somebody will be interested in it. If not Hollywood, then maybe at least Bollywood.

ZM Tarnów presented paratrooper version of UKM-2000 GPMG. For comparition, regular UKM-2000 in background.

There was also a proof that days of edged weapons have not ended yet :) 

And some few other, photos, just for sake of it:


  1. Anonymous12/9/12 15:23

    So I'm looking at the SKW-338, and I still like the looks, but it starts looking like a NES lightgun to me. Well, it's not a plumber's nightmare with AK parts bolted on, but it's cheesy. Like, "so bad it's good" cheesy.
    I like the new Radom pistol, though. Looks like a CZ75 and an USP had a one-night stand, but if they fix that daft hammer, we're golden.

  2. When did they say the 7.62x39 arx will be available in the states