15 August 2012

MSBS-5.56 New assault rifle for Polish Army

Fabryka Broni from Radom, Poland (FB Radom) presented yesterday latest prototypes of MSBS assault rifle. This rifle, designed together with Military Technical Academy in Warsaw is proposition of next generation assault rifle for Polish Army.

Rifle is first component of upcoming family of modular weapon system that will include rifle, carbine, sub-carbine, SPR and magazine fed automatic rifle (light machine gun) both in classic and bulpup configuration. Both configurations are designed to have about 80% parts compatibility, so some design features of presented MSBS are influenced by upcoming bulpup.

MSBS is operated by short stroke adjustable piston system with rotating bolt - operating system similar to most modern assault rifles. Externally it shows influence of SCAR or ACR. Unfortunately, due to paten process reasons picture of disassembled MSBS does not include bolt carrier with bolt. Rifle is fully ambidextrous, with both sides fire selectors, magazine release buttons, charging handles (non reciprocating, but with ability to use as forward assist), bolt release (in front of triggerguard) and user configurable direction of extraction. Only features that are "fixed direction" are right folding of stock (rifle works good with folded stock) and left opening of grenade launcher that is developed specially for MSBS. Rifle weights unloaded and with no accessories about 3.6kg (7.9lb). Weak point is system is magazine choice. Rifle uses AR15 compatible magazines. While those magazines popularity is second only to AK magazine, it is not best choice reliability wise. But at least this is known factor. In test we were using Lance L5 AWM mags and those did not skip a beat.

Shooting leaves very good impression. What is most noticeable is that rifle shoots very flat, with little to no tendency to muzzle rise (depending on grip and stance used) and is very controllable in full auto fire.

FB Radom also presented 3D printout prototype of new pistol in development.


  1. Picture #1 Finger control?

    1. I know. But he is more bow shooter, than firearms shooter ;)