24 September 2012

2nd 3Gun Liga Sportera Championship of Poland

Sorry for late report, but I spent almost whole week training ITIL, then had family weekend. But here it goes.

At 15th and 16th of September, at shooting range in Podstolice near WrzeĊ›nia in Poland, took place 2nd 3Gun Liga Sportera Championship of Poland. Competition was held over 8 stages with over 200 shots to make. It is not big competition by US standards, but we are limited with size of available shooting ranges here in Poland. Very limited access to firearms make shooting a niche sport and any form of so called "dynamic" or "practical" shooting even more. But despite this problems sport is developing and we gain more and more shooters on Liga Sportera matches.

This year Liga Sportera is sponsored by 4shooter, who provided HS-9 pistol (known better as Springfield XDm) for raffle, as well as ASGshop (Vortex Razor Red Dot for raffle) and Magnum (original Soviet made TT pistol for raffle). Sadly I did not win any of this prizes.

I had some troubles on this match, most of them on my own wish. It was firs time I used semi automatic shotgun for competition (Benelli M1 Super 90). I did not have much opportunity to test it and to learn shooting it. So between poor ammo selection and poor recoil control I managed to get inertial system to not work on one stage at all. Good thing I had some hotter ammo with me and had much less problem on other stages. I also fumbled some shotgun reloads by holding shotgun in wrong hand while using speed loader in the other - lack of enough training time again. Lucky for me other shooters in Open class had also some problem with their Saigas and MKE 1919 shotguns. I also had once problem of not seating mags in my rifle properly. This is one downside of Lancer L5 AWM mags I use - they require much more positive seating than USGI, HK or Magpul mags. Also it seemed that using new JP silent recoil system together with relatively soft Hornady Steel Match 55gr ammo caused failures to lock back on last round. I will look more into this matter later.

Other than that is was only my slow shooting, slow running and poor aiming. I also made a big mistake on first stage attempted, when shooting from prone position (unnecessary on this stage) I managed to hit concrete curb in front of muzzle. It seem to be easier to control barrel to sights offset when shooting trough ports, than in rather open terrain. Needles to say, I was stopped and initially awarded DQ. But later RM decided that actually I did not fulfill any listed DQ offenses from rules so I was awarded reshoot. I still think that stage designers should take in account safety risk posed by such stage configuration and ban prone position on this stage anyway. At end of video there are special effects generated during this incident.

On this match I used:

HK P30L 9mm pistol with LEM trigger and Dawson fiber optics sights.

HK MR223 rifle with Ares Armour Effin-A compensator, JP silent recoil system, CMMG 2-stage trigger, Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24 scope and "Montrala Custom" extended handguard.

Benelli M1 Super 90 with milled bolt carrier, Mesa Tactical pistol grip stock, Arredondo speed loader chute and carrier release button, Nordic +6 magazine extension, 18.5:" barrel with 4" Briley barrel extension and Briley LM choke plus Delta Optical red dot sight on "Montrala Custom" mount.

My "Montrala Custom" modifications are usually made in collaboration with Top Gun Gunsmithing.


  1. As always, very nice footage! However I must admit, slow motion kills dynamics of the show for me. So that's one for full-speed movies :D Cheers!

  2. Hi, I´m looking for your problems with Benelli M 1.I Have same shotgun and fail with operating is maybe light grip. M1 S90 is necesary strong hold in shoulder. And second problems is munition, for my shotgun is for practical shooting 32g. Look on plastic case his edge/rim you must be round, not sharp. Especialy S&B munition is sharp, better is Spanish or Italy shotshell.
    Other, Very nice competition, its real 3GUN, in my country same kind of this competition is not a implement. Please send my info for next year of this competion