11 June 2012

Pictures of my HKs, but not only them

I decided to take some photos, to show people what I shoot most of the time. It gave me some opportunity to play with some camera software on my smartphone. Please forgive me poor quality and toying with effects and filters. So here it goes:

HK P2000SK in 9x19mm with 6lb LEM trigger. I added also HK45C magazine release. This is huge improvement over standard magazine release. I have Meprolight night sights, that soon will be changed for new ones - tritium inserts are coming to their end. Magazines are equipped with Pearce Grip PG-2733 extensions. Those are intended for Glock 27 and 33, but modified work fine with P2000SK. They give much better grip on pistol, without adding much to size and +1 capacity. Most of the time pistol is equipped with Viridian C5L green laser and light combo. I think C5L is perfect package for subcompact gun. Only if Viridian come with more reassuring mounting solution. All this stuff sits nice in Raven Phantom holster and magazine pouch. Holster is configured for OWB carry, but I also configure it for IWB and even AIWB. I do shoot it sometimes in IDPA SSP (with C5L removed) and in 3Gun Liga Sportera. My trusty P2000SK is now oldest in my inventory and it never let me down. I totally trust this little beast.

HK P30L in 9x19mm with 5lb LEM (V0). Only addition are Dawson Precision fiber optic sights. Those are great competition sights. Because I had problem with high POI over POA, Dawson made custom height front sight to my spec and gun is dead on. Pistol is unmodified, because I use it to shoot IPSC Production Division, that prohibits any changes except sights. My IPSC rig is CR Speed belt (that screams for replacement, velcro is almost bald) with H&S Speedsec 5CW HK USP holster modified to work with HK P30. I use Guga Ribas magazine pouches, with additional DoubleAlfa magnet. I also use it for IDPA SSP and in 3 Gun Liga Sportera.

HK45C in .45ACP with 5lb LEM. I have Heinie SlantPro QWIK Straight Eight night sights there. Very good sights, unfortunately seem like POI is too much over POA to my liking. I must shoot it little more to find if I can live with it. HK45C is newest addition, so I did not do much with it. I intend to shoot mostly IDPA CDP with it. I have Comp-Tac competition bundle with straight drop paddle holster and two magazine paddle pouch.

Glock 17 Gen4 9x19mm. This gun I actually won on raffle at IPSC Level III match in Lithuania. It mostly sit safely in its box. But sometimes I use it to test how some things work. For example mounting Aimpoint MicroT1 on slide. Actually it worked fine. I also use it for newbies, as first centerfire pistol. Glock is easy on newbies, that is for sure.

HK MR223 in 5.56x45mm. This is my 3Gun and IPSC Open Semi-Auto rifle. It is equipped with Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24 scope, match trigger and some other improvements. On this picture visible is my attempt to cure one of it few downsides - short handguard. Magpul AFG2 and 3 Tango Down SCAR rail covers extend 2" past handguard end, allowing griping rifle closer to muzzle. Two velcro straps have only purpose to prevent rail covers from rattling. This design prevents mounting light or other accessories, but this is competition configuration after all. I also use it when instructing in classes or teaching rifle shooting.

Benelli Supernova 12 gauge pump action shotgun. This shotgun gave me hard time. I have video on my Youtube channel showing just some of headache I had with it. Now, after meeting with hammer, vise, Dremel, file and my decisiveness it works fine. I changed very poor and weak (it broke on me during shooting) factory Comfortech stock to Mesa Tactical Urbino stock. I'm very happy with new stock. Not only it gives me more comfortable shooting position with shorter LOP, also shotgun is more stable on recoil, unlike of wiggly original stock. I added cheap RDS on Arredondo rib mount and have Nordic components +5 tube. I use it in 3Gun Liga Sportera, but with RDS removed and +7 tube installed it is good IPSC Standard Manual shotgun.

FB Radom 'Mini Radom Sport' in 5.56x45mm is civilian legal, semi-auto version of wz.96 Mini Beryl carbine. With 9.4" barrel it is fun to shoot. With flash hider removed it is even more fun. I use it mostly for recreational shooting, but also on some 3Gun Liga Sportera matches (usually local ones). I do like to tweak it and use it to learn a bit about how AKs work and how to make them feel better, without making them work worse.

In this tour I omitted some other stuff, that is lying around in my safe, but I can not give up everything in one go!


  1. Anonymous4/5/13 20:53


    I searching the web to find instruction how to modify "H&S Speedsec 5CW ..." to fit P30, but without success.
    Can you please explain me or give me a link, hint, .... how to modify "H&S Speedsec 5CW HK USP holster" to suitable for HK P30?


    1. I will take some pictures and make short "how to" on that. Give me few days, I do not have my IPSC rig on hand.

    2. Anonymous10/5/13 17:20

      are you had time to make some picture of the holster modification? I would be grateful. :)


    3. I will have blog post with pictures ready after weekend. Monday or Tuesday I think.

  2. Anonymous4/5/13 23:08

    Cool, if you please be so kind.
    Regards from Slovenia.