08 June 2012

Fun day in Obuchowo

Yesterday we went, together with Grzehoo and Obione (ATom joined later), to newly opened shooting range in Obuchowo, near Morąg (Poland). This is former military range that after 40 years of no use was just revived by new, private owner. We were first shooters to use this range. It has four 25m bays and two 300m bays (one 36m wide, second 3m wide for zeroing purpose).

I took my HK MR223 (eqivalent of MR556) and FB Radom Mini Beryl. We were shooting small (20cmx30cm) armour plates and some IPSC targets (one at 100m, 3 at 300m). Small plates were at 200m and 300m.

Both small plates were absolutely no problem (every shot hits) from bipod and from magazine rest using my HK and 55gr Hornady Steel Match. On video guys call misses on my shots from mag rest, but they did not noticed that I moved from 200m target to 300m one. Also shooting from kneeling was quite OK, but I must practice those standing long shots. Later I tried 62gr surplus ammo (Spanish Santa Barbara) and it acceptable, but Hornady gave me better results. This Steel Match ammo is really great stuff. I also love my Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24 scope. It is very nice glass and reticle is very easy

Shooting Mini Beryl, while fun, was not so easy. With 50m zero and 62gr SB I was able to score some hits at 200m plate, but 300m one was beyond my reach. In future I will throw some scope on Mini, just to see what it is capable of. But inside 200m, with good red dot, it still has acceptable accuracy.

We did not have dedicated camera man, (I used my iPhone 4S), so only part of fun is on video, but I hope it shows nice day we had (plus 3 hours of driving each way).

My equipment used:

HK MR223 with Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24 MRAD scope on American Defense Scout mount, CMMG Gen2 2-stage trigger, Hera Arms MPSS safety, Magpul BAD lever, BCM/Vltor Gunfighter charging handle, Arredondo nXg brake/compensator, Stark grip. I used HK 10rd steel HRM magazine and Lance L5 AWM magazines.

FB Radom Mini Beryl (Mini Radom Sport) with Aimpoint MicroT1 4MOA on FB Radom POPC Gen3 scope rail, Red Star Arms adjustable trigger (need fitting for Beryl), Buffer Tech polymer buffer, Vltor stock adapter, Magpul MOE stock with 3/4" riser, Tapco SAW grip, Magpul AFG2, Tango Down SCAR rail panels. I used FB Radom 20rd Beryl magazines.

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