14 October 2012

Shooting HK rifles, machine guns and sub machine guns.

Last week, thanks to HK and Cenrex companies and my friend Leer, I had opportunity to visit HK factory in Oberndorf am Neckar, Germany.

Among different interesting things was short trip to the range. I had opportunity to shoot numerous of different firearms there. Strongest impression was made by shooting long handguard HK417 in full auto. Not overly heavy and very controllable. Also MP7A1 put a big smile on my ugly face ;)

But mostly I wanted to try new German Army DMR rifle - G28. This is great package, but if you think other HK rifles are heavy, after trying this one, other feel like kids toys.

Unfortunatelly shooting G36 and G36C with new IdZ stocks did not get recored well. Also new HK416A5 is only briefly recorded. Other weapons shot include two machine guns - MG4 and HK121, MP5SD and two configurations of MP7A1, HK417 in DMR configuration, PSG1 and of course G28 in DMR configuration (there is also Patrol configuration).

I will review my findings on HK416A5, new HK417, G28 and other HK small arms I tried later this week.

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