24 January 2012

3Gun match Liga Sportera 2012 - 1st edition

On 22nd of January we had first in 2012 match in Liga Sportera 3Gun. This was also first edition with new set of rules. We have new scoring method, based on time and time penalties, but stages are then reduced to 100% for stage winner, so every stage is equal for match result. We also have new divisions: Classical (only iron sights, no front grips, only manual shotgun, etc.), Tactical (like Classical but non magnifying sights allowed on rifle and shotgun, front grips allowed, etc.) and Open (anything goes, but race holsters forbidden, semi auto shotguns, also box fed, allowed). I was shooting Open with HK MR223 rifle equipped with Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24 scope (I like this scope very much - quality piece of equipment), Benelli Supernova shotgun with Docter-clone sight and HK P30L LEM pistol.
Unfortunately 2 stages (2 and 8) were cancelled because not all shooters managed to shoot them before dark. I did not manage to shoot stage 2, but managed to fail miserably on stage 8, so I was not that sad after all.

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