24 January 2012

Hornady Steel Match in HK MR223

I just got some Hornady Steel Match ammo for my HK MR223 rifle for 3Gun use. Since I was shooting 62gr surplus ammo (Santa Barbara) before, last Friday I decided for quick trip to the range, to verify zero on my scope. I use 50m zero, that I feel gives me good trajectory for getting effectively Point Blank Range on almost everything I can encounter here on 3Gun or IPSC match. I quickly set put improvised shooting position out of my CED range bag and some school table that I found around (I was not ready to lay down in my everyday clothes, sorry) and started to shoot. Targets that I had on hand on the range were ISSF 25m pistol targets ("10" ring is 50mm or 1.9685"). Not best target for precise aiming with 4x scope. But I was in hurry and only wanted to verify zero. So I quickly shot 10 shot group to get good estimation of POA/POI shift.

When I got to the target, I was kind of pleased with what I saw. Actually I probably should stop shooting after 3 shots, to get bragging rights for 1/4MOA group. But since I did not and did not dismiss lone flyer so here it is: 10 shots, 50m ES 1.144MOA, ATC: 0.359MOA. I made 0.2mrad right and 0.2mrad down and called it a day.

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