17 January 2012

HK416 rails from Geisselle and Remington

Surprisingly co-ordinated in time both Geisselle Autmatics and Remington Defense presented new modular handguard systems for HK416/M27 series of rifles (handguards are compatible also with MR556A1, MR223 and MR223A1 civilian match rifles). Looks like those products are aimed on military demand, that is high enought to pay for R&D costs and to set up production of this rails. I wonder how it goes in line with all "everybody is dropping HK416 in favor for better rifles from (insert favorite gun maker)" hype on gun and tactical forums? Looks like HK416 is there and plans to be around. (Photos from Geissele Automatics and Remington Defense).


  1. Anonymous18/4/13 15:27

    nice post.
    it is possible to get geissele rails in europe?

    1. There are some dealers in Europe (in Italy I think) that are going to import some rails.