25 January 2012

Stop ACTA!

I tried to steer away from politics in my blog, but I have strong feeling, that accepting ACTA is strong blow to human rights and under disguise of protecting intelectual property, opens way to abuse rights of citizens by companies, individuals or governments, without court control and outside of local laws.

Politicians keep saying that ACTA does not implement new regulations. If it is true, why bother signing trade treaty that works above existing law regulations, given by democratic parliaments in open voting?

I have strong feeling that ACTA can be used or can lead to mechanisms that can be used against private gun ownership. ACTA defines "suspect" as "convict" unless "convict" will prove he is innocent - very good way to deal with individuals or group of people, like lawful gun owners. All is needed is false accusation (and ACTA excludes penalization of false accusations) and any property of "suspect/convict" can be seized.

Manner and means of negotiating and implementing ACTA outside any democratic or public control can, if succeeded, can be used for other initiative to abuse rights of citizens in so called "free countries".

Goal should not excuse means!


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