22 July 2013

Glock 17 Gen2 ends its career in style

My friend had and Glock 17. It was Gen2 (CNM series), that he bought used some10+ years ago. It was not used a lot by security company that owned it, they mostly carry, rarely shoot (even for training). But my friend, he shot it a lot. And he shot it good (he is one of best IPSC and IDPA shooters in country). He even cleaned it... once a year or so. (Pictures inside!)

On recent IPSC match, he started to have accuracy problems. Other friend suggested that there might some micro cracks developed on slide. He wanted to show how to do it with some oil and chalk, took pistol and returned it saying " there is actually no need of oil and chalk...."

Then other friend looked at it as well and said "hmmm... there is something missing here...."

 More detailed inspection let to yet another find:

Keep in mind, that this pistol was still running with no malfunctions, only with some accuracy loss (actually probably more because barrel was no more locking tight in slide - it had some 0.5-1mm play when in battery). We estimate that pistol shot no less than 70,000 rounds, but not more than 100,000. Some of it were 9x19 NATO loads (+P equivalent), some were steel cased, some were with plated steel jacket, whatever could be bought cheap here.

What is the point of this story? Modern pistols really can go for long time. They can even keep going after they are broken. They can keep going with almost not maintenance at all. But they still require at least to be periodically checked against wear and tear, because when they go down, they do it in style.

In case of my friend, this was his only pistol (here we need license for every firearm, and his is for one pistol only) and not only competition one. He has new production Gen3 G17 coming his way in next two weeks.

I hope you found story entertaining.

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