23 May 2013

Blaszanka match and P30L pointless test continued

Last Sunday we handgun shootoff match, called "Blaszanka". Name came from traditional first prize, that is bottle of Whisky in tin can made from "blacha". I do not like shooting steel, it somehow intimidate me, anyway I managed to make 3rd place. I was almost 2nd, but "almost is big difference". During this match I used my HK P30L with LEM trigger. I shot 221 rounds of Geco 124gr FMJ and 3 rounds of Barnaul 115gr FMJ steel cased ammo. Barnaul was used to check it on chrono. It barely made Power Factor 125 (125,000 in IDPA) - this is really weak round. Round count since last cleaning and lubing - 467.

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