08 May 2013

IO Aimpoint Micro cover finally arrived

When I first learned about IO Aimpoint Micro cover, I was very excited. Actually I backed this project via Kickstarter service.

Since shipping cost to Poland would probably beat manufacturing cost, I provided address of my friend in US (with his permission) for shipping my Kickstarter "backer kit". But when cover arrived my friend already forgot about it. When he got package he was all "what kind of s..t is that, I do not even own Aimpoint Micro and never ordered such stuff" and he was ready to trash it. Fortunately on same day I asked him if he received my IO cover yet. That was close! But then cover waited for opportunity to be sent to me. This opportunity presented itself, when my daughter turned 1 and friend wanted to send her birthday gift. So now she plays on nice set Skip-Hop floor tiles, I have my IO cover and we both are happy campers! Happy End!

(on photo IO cover spreads it's love over Aimpoint Micto T1 mounted on wz.96 Mini Beryl 5.56 SBR)

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