02 March 2017

Leviathan Awakes

No, this post is not about excellent Sci-Fi series The Expanse and neither about book with this title. It is about what apparently happened recently to Heckler & Koch.

Obviously one of things that happened is HK433. Still behind the glass, still in late prototype stage, still confirmation on expected prices, but it is here. But that is not all. Far from it.

Second glass box on HK booth at Enforce Tac fairs hold short barreled
versions of G36 and HK416 in .300 Whisper aka .300 AAC Blackout. Yes. Finally HK joins the band and better late than never. But this is not all. Far from it.

On left side of the booth there is long line of pistols, that for first look does not seem to be especially interesting. But hey! On second look, this P30SK does not have a hammer! Because it is not an P30SK. It is SFP9SK (VP9SK). Excited enough? Next to it sits SFP9SK Push Button. Yes, right, HK with push button magazine release. And there is SFP9-SF (VP9) in same configuration next to it. And both use same magazine as paddle release version. No magazine problems like with Walther PPQ Classic (aka M1) and M2. But that is not all. Next sits SPF9S-SF (VP9S) with manual thumb safety, SFP9L-SF (VP9L) with 5" barrel and longer slide, SFP9-M (VP9M) for those who like to take long sea swimming sessions and last, but not least SFP9-OR (VP9OR) with provisions for slide mounted Red Dot sight. Additionally all SFP9 variants have new, improved charging support wings called "Standard" (old ones are called "Narrow").

Basically now SFP9 family has 6 basic models:

1. SFP9 - full size
2. SFP9L - long slide
3. SFP9 SK - subcompact
4. SFP9 SD - threaded barrel
5. SFP9 M - OTB model for maritime operations
6. SFP9 OR - optic ready model with available adapters for Docter Sight III, Insight MRDS, Meopta Meosight III, Vortex Viper, Vortex Venom, Burris Fast Fire 3, Trijicon RMR, C-More STS2 and Leupold DeltaPoint Pro

Every variant can use either SF trigger (like in VP9) or TR trigger ("Police trigger"), can have paddle or push
button magazine release and can have manual thumb safety. Sadly last one, as per long HK tradition will not be very comfortable to shoot with thumb on safety lever. At least this is my first impression.

Family is complemented by two training versions, SFP-FX and SFP-CM.

Looks like HK is waking up from long sleep and has this strange idea of actually getting some money from the market. VP9/SFP9 platform was already a winner for them. Now this assault on the market. Lets hope it
will work out as planned!


  1. Great stuff......hope they start to run with the ball with all of their platforms as it appears they are now doing with the VP9. My lord I wish us USA customers had more long gun offerings from HK.

  2. Anonymous3/3/17 04:31

    Thanks for this info.

  3. The "M" variant... I'm curious as to what has been changed here. Maritime cups are already on the base version - or they appear to be. Not sure why the pistol was not released in that configuration.

    Waiting for a Glock 19-sized variant that uses the existing P2000 magazine.

    Thank you for the great information.