08 April 2013

Zeroing Mini Beryl with surprises and 3Gun Shootoff match video

Last Friday I went to the range, to zero my FB Radom wz. 96 Mini Beryl short barrel rifle (9.4" barrel) before 3Gun shootoff match. I set it up with Aimpoint Micro T1. Range was 46m (LRF verified), that means 50.30yard - good zero for most 5.56mm applications. Shooting position on this range is standing behind narrow "counter", so I removed rear support from my shooting rest to be able to rest my rifle somehow. I was going to use up some Spanish surplus ammo that I had. But found it hard to zero my Beryl, as I was getting 5 shot groups in range of 8-10MOA (4-5"@50yrd). Then I found in my range bag one stripper clip with 10 Hornady Steel Match 55gr FMJ ammo, that I usually use in my match HK rifle. So I decided to give it a go. I shot 3 rounds to find where they land on target and.....

I found this group (it is 3 rounds under Aimpoint Micro T1 turret cap).

Compared to 4-5" before I was like "what the hell is happening there". I adjusted Aimpoint and shot 3 round group again. I looked more "realistic", but still. Come on, it is just 5.56mm 9.4" AK shot with red dot sight mounted on top handguard that is not fixed to barrel or particularly anything else (there is leaf spring in front of cover, that acts against handguard retainer, and second that act against gas tube). Anyway,I shot last 4 round, obviously agitated by previous results (with 2 rounds in almost one hole and 2 shots far from them), so "lost" some of my shooting fundamentals. Anyway groups were still kind of eye opener to me, regarding Mini Beryl. I start to like it more and more. Worth noting is that it is upgraded with RSA adjustable trigger group and GoGun Supercomp. My groups measured 0.708MOA, then 1.587MOA, then 3.979MOA. Last one was definitely my fault, but it looks like with Hornady ammo my Mini is 2MOA capable. Anyway, gues what ammo I took with me to the match?

On match we had 3 set of targets to engage: 5 shotgun targets at 10m, 5 rifle targets at 45m, then 6 pistol targets at 10m.

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