19 September 2011

My first own and grown up pistol

When I got my first licence to buy 1 (one) sporting centerfire pistol (I already had 1 sporting rimfire pistol) I knew exactly what to buy:

Walther P99, this one that Q was supposed to organize for Bond...

So I go to civilian Walther distributor shop and they say:

- Hey! we just become HK distributor, check out this USPs we've got today
- No they are too bulky, but what is that?
- New model called P2000, but it has some stupid, funky trigger on it
- Looks kind like P99... can I hold and dryfire it
- Your procurement authorisation... thanks.... here you go...
- Click, click, click.... OK, this and box of ammo please.

This way in early 2003 I became owner of GPM P2000 "V0" (LEM with spurred hammer and de-cocker). Rest is history, that for great extent is present at HKPro archives.

An now... my eyes look all to often at new Walther PPQ, that I already had chance to shoot several years ago as P99D RAD prototype.

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  1. Anonymous21/9/11 05:43

    I got to play with a friends P99 the other day, nice pistol.