17 September 2011

So you heard about Bren?

Lately CZ showed their new assault rifle, geared toward ACR (Army of Czech Republic) under designation of CZ 805 Bren.

Name Bren clearly goes to deep roots of first big Czech success on international firearms market with great Br(no)En(field) machine gun. CZ surely put high level of expectation to new rifle by recycling this name.

I did not had a chance to shoot it,but generally rifle makes good impression. As per style and ergo it clearly is SCAR revisited. Two thing that I did not like is lack of carrier release (there is button that allows manual lock back, but to release charging handle mus be used) and selector switch with too short throw (for 4 positions) and to weak detents between positions. Also I can not get it why ACR did not want original stock with adjustable length. This stock looks very G36ish and like G36 can not be adapted to use with different stance and for body armour use. It could be so good and ended as usual...

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  1. WOW… I am thoroughly impressed with your hubby…that looks like such a hard work…but the results…gorgeous!