21 December 2011

HK45C range report

Yesterday I had some spare time and I managed to take HK45C to the range. Unfortunately there is no .45ACP ammo avaliable in my area now, so I used leftover of old 230gr Geco FMJ that I have after IDPA match. This is rather hot ammo. At least friends who shot it more told me so. First of all, standard HK sights (same as in P30/P30L) are not good for precision shooting. I think of getting Heinie Straight Eight sights. Those are combat sights as well, but I believe those will be more defined than stock sights.

Anyway let go to shooting. First target is 10m (11yrd), 10 shots. Obviously gun is shooting little to the right. No wonder why on last stage of IDPA classifier I got most shots into -1 and -3 on right side of targets. Second photo shows two 5 shot groups (I really had limited amount of ammo). Left group is 10m again, right one is 15m (16.5yrd). Second one was shot after I drifted rear sight a little to the left using hammer and punch. Not to precise tools, but I think I got it right. Actually most of ammo I used up trying to get sweet spot, then 3 rounds, then move sight again (back and forth). I think I must get myself sight pusher.

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