09 December 2011

I'm safely back with HK45C

After long trip, with traffic jams, snow on mountain roads and other believable obstacles I'm back home. And my HK45C is with me. It is new pistol, but from early production in Germany (frame is 2007, complete pistol is 2008, serial number well under 1000). Box is marked "Pistole HK45 Compact VST" and it has V1 trigger configuration. I will convert it to LEM trigger.

Pistol feels very good, but is not suprise, as I'm used to P2000 and P2000SK - both are very similar to HK45C. Actually HK45C seem to be P2000 on steroids plus some upgrades. Actually HK45C magazine release found a way to my P2000SK some time ago. It is much better than standard P2000/P2000SK/USP Compact release.

Now I must get some decent sights for it, handful of magazines and next HK will start it's busy life with me. This Sunday I'll shoot it on IDPA match that includes IDPA Classifier. For now I'm Expert in SSP using P2000SK with LEM trigger. I do not have time for even short range trip before match, so my firs shot with HK45C will be after buzzer sounds.


  1. Nice to see you have your new HK.

    That is allot of driving for it & I don't even what to know what it costs. Ouch!

    The cost is probably right in line with me trying to get a authentic Polish Tantal or Beryl here in the US

  2. Congratulations!

    How did it work the first time?