07 December 2011

I'm going for a trip

Today around midnight I'm going on a trip to Czech Republic. I will pick up, from one of gun shops there pistol that is very hard to find in Europe, yet quite popular and well regarded in US. It would not be surprising if this pistol is American one. But no, it is German. It took me long time to locate one of few HK45C that were made in Germany and sent for sale in Europe before HK moved production to US. I was afraid that I will be forced to go trough procedure of importing one from USA. But, thanks to my friend Don Mariano, I located probably last one, NIB HK45C in EU. All paperwork done so I can go for 10 hours driving to pick it up and then again 10 hours to go back. Taking in mind price plus all logistics cost, this will be probably most expensive HK45C ever!

Photos and range report as soon as possible.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on your new purchase. I know that you will enjoy it as much as I enjoy my HKs. Travel safe and I look forward to your first range AAR.