14 March 2014

IWA 2014 - Minox ZP8 Tactical 1-8x24

One of most interesting things I noticed on IWA was new 1-8x tactical scope from German company Minox.
Scope is very slick, nice and solid build. Magnification change is on stiff side (like in Vortex Razor HD2 1-6x), but power ring has build-in cat-tail to assist. Glass is very nice, at least for my eye and light in Nuremberg Messe. What is unusual in this scope is approach for aiming on close to medium distance and medium to long distance.Scope uses rather simple cross with dot in center and mil marks on arms, with longer marked section on bottom scope. Kind like IOR MP8 reticle (that I always liked). And it works in first focal plane (FFP). But scope has also separate "red dot" that work in second focal plane (SFP) and is daylight bright (nothing new - S&B Short Dot comes to my mind). Actually Minox call it daylight reticle. But there is small trick - daylight reticle (red dot) works only for magnification range setting between 1x and 2.5x. Past 2.5x we got nicely defined milling reticle with very subtle illumination. I think this is very interesting idea. Unfortunately looks like scope will cost small fortune - hunting version, without double reticle feature is priced around 2,500 EUR. But if someone has problem to spend cash fast enough, this could be good opportunity to spend it on something clever. More info on scope on manufacturer page: http://www.minox.com/index.php?id=9728&L=0

P.S. Sorry for poor image :(

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