06 March 2014

IWA2014 - HK at EnforceTac

Today I visited EnforceTac exhibition as prelude to IWA 2014 fairs. Managed to talk a little at HK booth and got some news. Unfortunately, looks like striker fired pistol (HK SFP9) will be delayed more. They have prototype at the booth but not for open play or taking photos. But this delay might actually lead to good news, because they want to refine some aspects of pistol. Other news will be presented soon (hopefully tomorrow - I will believe when I see it) - new version of civilian HK416, named HK MR223A3. It is supposed to have (or at least mimic) features of HK416A5, including ambidextrous layout.

From things that I saw today, my interest went to new HK417, G28, G36 and MP5 handguards with Keymod attachment points. Those are not same handguards as HK USA presented on SHOT Show this year. Here is a teaser photo.


  1. Interesting to see the MP5 in a color other than black.

  2. Anonymous31/3/14 08:51

    How are these different from what was presented at shot? Thanks for your great HK info!

    1. Keymod handguard presented at SHOW is HK USA own design for their civilian offer. Those are HK Gmbh handguards for mil/LE use. They are very different.