09 March 2014

IWA 2014 - Walther CCP

On IWA I had my first opportunity to see Walther CCP 9mmx19. Pistol actually makes good impression. Fits hand very nice, slide is easy to operate and trigger is decent.
Pistol comes with push button magazine release. I prefer HK style paddle release, but it was easy enough to activate, even for south paw (it is also reversible). There is also manual safety on left side of frame. Unfortunately, as it is designed to be a cheap pistol, they do not plan for ambi model. However, per Walther guys, trigger system is safe enough to carry with safety off and manual safety was added to please conservative customers. Trigger works nice. It is not too light, but also not overly heavy. There is long initial pull (slightly longer than for eg. standard Glock trigger) and some amount of noticeable overtravel. Reset is not in PPQ range, rather somewhere near HK. Actually trigger reminds, from feel, HK V4 trigger, but with shorter pretravel.
Pistol is blowback operated, delayed by gas system taken directly from HK P7. What is a plus to small Walther, it utilities this design to keep slide mass on minimum. It can be very nice shooting pistol in it's class.

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