24 October 2011

First shots with Mini Beryl

Friday I found some time to brief visit on range, to shoot Mini Beryl. Actually I just wanted to get 50m zero for Aimpoint Micro T1, that I mounted on it. I decided to mount it on handguard, to sit it lower in relation to stock (and bore). This have it's downsides, as hanguard is removable accessory that, while feeling solid, can shift position under recoil resulting in reduced accuracy. But seem like result is good enough (right group is about 2 MOA) for dynamic shooting up to 100m. Both groups are 10 shots with bulk S&B 55gr FMJ ammo at 50m,  rested on backpack and using ISSF 25m pistol target. Sorry for cell phone quality of picture, it was actually taken with... cell phone ;)

I did not have time to do more than some 30-40 shots, but it seems that this small rifle is pleasant to shoot. Trigger, while with long pre and over travel is smooth and clocks less than 5lb from factory. Recoil is significantly stronger than in carbine or rifle length AR15, but barres stays put flat. Probably some work is done by muzzle device, that on back works to increase backpressure in barrel for gas piston to work and in front is shaped in style of A2 birdcage.

As some may notice, I put some tacticool tunings on it, that include flashlight and Magpul AFG. Later is nice addition, given frontal stance with shoulder square to the target is used. For more classical, bladed stance, even with longest setting of stock, handguard is just too short to properly utilize AFG. In this case I recommend using VFG.


  1. Nice that you got her out to shoot!

  2. Him... In Polish "Beryl" or "rifle" or "carbine" is "him", not "her" ;)

  3. Masculine, feminine or neuter, don't confuse an American with this concept. ;>)

    The Awful German Language by Mark Twain: http://www.crossmyt.com/hc/linghebr/awfgrmlg.html

    By the way, do Polish soldiers call their rifles their "bride" too?