31 October 2011

Shooting Mini Beryl

Last weekend I had opportunity to try Mini Beryl on smal 3Gun Liga Sportera match (shooting IDPA targets@50m on video). I do not have prior experience with AK platform, even less with short one. I mostly shoot G3 and variety of AR15s before. Shooting Mini was nice. It kicks back a little but muzzle climb is not big, but definitely goes to the right side. It has flash hider that is similar in construction to A2. Original muzzle device incorporates chamber to increase pressure for gas system, so it will be hard to change it for anything. Locking pin and necessity to remove it to clean this "chamber" precludes clocking it. I think of having new muzzle device made, that in place of flash hider will have 1/2"x28tpi thread to utilize AR15 muzzle devices. Other issue is stock, that is definitely to low in relation to sights/optic. Tell me what you think!


  1. That little beast looks like a real fun gun. Sadly I fear it didn't make it to our market. Too much competitors in the AK-"clone"-class.

  2. It is fun to shoot it. I'm sure it did not make to your market, as there are still like lest than handfull of them sold at all :) Those are not made to be AK-clone (not more than Valmet or Galil is), those are military rifles, from military production lot only someone "forgot" to put 3rd pin for full auto sear and fire selector in them. With FB Radom pricing they will never compete with AK-clones. Not with CHF barrel and carbon nitriding on parts.

  3. "Not with CHF barrel and carbon nitriding on parts."

    What are the nitrided parts you speak of? I'm in the process of getting parts from Poland to build 3 Beryl rifles, I did not know any parts were nitrided. I really don't plan on using an optic for the reason you mentioned, no cheek weld.

  4. John: FB Radom uses nitriding on industrial scale for some 15 years already. They nitride barrels on some civilian products (military is entrenched on chrome lining). According to manual for my Mini Beryl, gas piston can be either chromed (silver) or nitrided (gray). Mine is nitrided.

    Cheek weld problem solved by Vltor stock adapter and CTR stock with 3/4" riser.

  5. Hey Montrala-
    Sweet mini B. If you don't mind, can I ask you how long the gas piston is on your rifle?
    I'm about to assembly a Beryl Commando clone and I have heard that they share the same gas system.
    Does it appear to be standard krinkov length?

    1. I can not take measurements just now, but you can see photos in my "Little, cute rifle" post (http://montrala.blogspot.com/2011/10/little-cute-rifle.html)
      Beryl Commando has same system as Mini Beryl.

    2. Thanks a lot man. I appreciate the link.
      But now I am confused. I ordered a Mini Beryl gas tube along with my other parts coming from Poland, however the one in your pic looks quite a bit shorter than the Commando photo I have.

      I guess I will just have to wait until it gets here in a couple of weeks and make sure the Mini gas tube is long enough for the handguards to fit :-)