08 October 2011

IPSC Worldshoot XVI Rhodes - part 8

Last day (night?) of shooting. Today stages from 19 to 24. It was my worst day ever, I doubled my Mike count on this day. Those stages were really demanding, no room for mistake or going faster that you can. But bottom line, after shooting all stages, I do not find this match anything special. Maybe EHC2010 in Belgrade spoiled me, maybe Extreme Euro Open or Baltic Storm offer same or more for much less money. I just felt like I paid for Volvo only to find that it is Mondeo with more expensive brand sticker. Of course this match will show new World Champions, but that is all. In my book only stage 23 is "world championship worth" - hardest state I ever shoot (and failed miserably), also greatly build, including all props. Would I came again for this match? No, I would save money to attend some 3 good other matches instead. I just do not feel like I took part of something extraordinary. Not like in Belgrade. But, nevertheless, I had 2 weeks vacation and some shooting on beautiful Rodos island. It's worth something.

But I must also mention that one thing was almost flawless, at least for my squad. There were no delays on shooting, despite range equipment failures. Service was swift and efficient. So were IROA ROs on stages. I would like to thank them for their hard work, that was actually harder than expected (like actually building stages before pre-match). We had some waiting for previous squad to finish stage, but it was always within schedule and gave us opportunity to watch some very good shooters solve stage. Especially most impressive shooting of Revolver shooter from Austria.

It was also opportunity to meet old friends from Sweden, Uruguay, Czech, Germany, Swiss, Serbia, Latvia, Belarus and other countries, as well as making new ones from Brasil, Canada (I wait for shirt!), South Africa, Slovenia, Norway and many others. Definitely IPSC World Shoot is social event. Maybe even more so, than a sport event.


  1. Anonymous8/10/11 14:09

    Good blog, great someone has cojones to call the problems as they are! Dietrich

    PS.: My favorite is Your comment on the election!

  2. Good comment, nothing to add.

  3. Thanks for good word. I just write what I feel, see, know. I do not write what somebody think he saw, or what other people told them that might have happened. This would for sure put more spice into posts, but I prefer to stick with what I've seen or was told first hand.