16 October 2011

Little, cute rifle

Small family of my firearms was joined by new member.
This is civilian legal version of wz.96 Mini Beryl 5.56x45 assault rifle, with 9.5" barrel. Rifle Polish construction, based on wz. 88 Tantal, wz.89 Onyx 5.45x39 assault rifles, that were evolution of Polish AKM/AKMS rifles. Poland did not decide to buy soviet AK-74, but developed own 5.45x39 rifle (Tantal seem to to be popular AK version in US), but when Warsaw Pact was no more and Poland got to join NATO, there was need for 5.56x45 rifle. This led to development Beryl and Mini Beryl rifles.

My Mini Beryl is in "modernized" version, that was developed using combat experience from Iraq and Afghanistan combat missions of Polish troops. This include railed handguard and collapsible buttstock, in place of foldable, but not adjustable one. Barrel and piston are carbon-nitrided instead of chromed, technology employed by FB Radom since 1994. It uses polymer (with polymer feed lips), 30rd magazines, that are made in black on two translucent versions; green and white. FB Radom, by demand of our troops, designed adapter for STANAG magazine, that employs ambidextrous magazine release. Rifle uses traditional front sight, with switchable peep/notch sight at end of cantilever rail over receiver.

Second picture shows rifle in configuration with standard VFG and issue 3 point sling. My target configuration will be quite different to suit my preferences.

On last picture I show field stripped rifle, without removing handguard. It is removable, but it sits very tight, because it can be potentially used to mount red dot sight. It does not provide so stable, zero holding, platform as cantilever rail, but allows lower sitting of sight.

I did not have a chance to shoot it yet, but I will surely give range report on this soon.


  1. Nice!

    Has it a bolt catch after last round? I'm only familiar with the Saiga .223 and hate this very tiny lever behind/right of the trigger.

  2. No, it does not have bolt catch. In this it is plain vanilla AK design.

  3. Very nice, Joanna now wants one!