09 October 2011

IPSC Worldshoot XVI Rhodes - competitor booklet

When registering to the match every competitor got beautifully printed informatory booklet. There are words of wisdom from IPSC President, Chairman of WSH 2011 Organizing Committee, IROA President, IPSC General Secretary and protos of Match Officials.

Then we have schedule of pre-match and schedule of match, with info on Opening Ceremony that is different from info on WSH2011 website, and those both were wrong.

But now we came to funny part. Stage descriptions.

It is obvious that printed stage schemes can slightly change, some stage can have target or no shoot added or removed. But at least there should be some level of attention paid to preparing such material. Unless this is kindergarten newspaper edited by children. Use of automated spell checker are not rocket science. Reading all to find if all sums up nicely also should not be too hard on such small bookle. Also one should expect that current IPSC rules and IPSC recommended stage ratio (3S-2M-1L) should be observed on Level V match. But is looks that all rules regarding types of courses (,, and recommended course type ratio per match ( are unknown or too complicated to those who designed and approved courses for most important IPSC match. Or maybe rules are only applied when it is convenient. I do not buy Range Master's theory, that "in this match we test future rules" - sorry, this is not Level I, it is World Shoot, and for now IPSC Handgun Competition Rulebook, January 2009, Edition 2 applies. So here are some funny thing I found:

Stage 3 - described as "Medium course" despite 19 rounds count -> long course

Stage 6 - described as "Short course" despite 12 rounds count -> long course

Stage 7 - described as "Medium course" despite 8 rounds count and only 1 shooting position -> short course
Stage 9 - described as "Short course" despite 10 rounds count -> medium course
Stage 10 - described as "Medium course" despite 20 rounds count  -> long course
Stage 11 - this one is funny; described as "Short course" with 10 rounds, shows 4 IPSC targets and 3 plates with maximum 55 points ->  medium course, 11 rounds
Stage 12 - all seem to be right, except there is plate on drawing, that is not listed in description, but round count is shown properly.
Stage 15 - described as medium course with 21 rounds and definitely more than 3 shooting positions -> long course
Stage 17 - described as "Short course" despite 12 rounds  -> medium course

Stage 20 - described as "Midium course" (original lettering!) despite 20 round count  -> long course
Stage 21 - described as "Short course" despite 12 rounds -> medium course
Stage 22 - described as "Short course" despite 11 rounds -> medium course
Stage 27 - "Medioum course" original lettering!

Seem like only 16 out of 30 courses had proper description. Final, real course ratio for match looks like 9 short courses, 11 medium courses and 10 long courses instead of recommended ratio of 15 short, 10 medium and 5 long courses. So basically we have almost 1S/1M/1L instead of 3S/2M/1L. Level V?

Funny thing, that some incorrect stage designations were corrected by ROs in stage briefing, but not all.

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