07 October 2011

IPSC Worldshoot XVI Rhodes - part 7

4th day of shooting. Safety negligence on range does not stop to amaze me. It is not possible to allow people on shooting range during even Level I match without eye protection where I use to shot. Here spectators, helpers, even officials do not use eye protection and nobody (except some competitor who encourage people to wear eye protection) seem to care. Tragedy waiting to happen. I will make separate post on this matter, can not leave it like that, seeing people got hit with splatter and ricochets all over me and feeling it myself.

Also some people working at the match told me, that they never ever seen such organizational disaster since some Level I matches 10 years ago. As a shooter I must say that I do not see it, except maybe some clues, probably courtesy to hard work of IROA people to go over it, but match becomes tiresome nevertheless. But inability to put simple PDF file on-line for both those shooting match and those following it from distance seem to be just tip of the iceberg.

Stages from 13 to 18, but it was 18th that was jinxed one for me with 2 mikes. But I still do not need to remove my shoes to count them. Will try to keep it that way. Stages keep to be technically demanding, and while not too complex, some of them require thinking of best execution. What this match lacks for me, are some "fluent" stages with lot of shooting on the move. Do not take me wrong, there are some that allow it, but mostly it is shooting fast from one or two positions.

OMA keeps filling my gun with shining debris. I start to think that it actually can be gold dust and, given price of OMA, I might be right about that. Same ammo cost in Poland (including 23% tax) 14.50EUR per 50pcs package versus match price of 19.00EUR per package. That is 30% more expensive on the match. Best deal brought to shooters by match organizers, it took them like 6 months to negotiate this great deal with Geco. Unfortunately most of us were denied knowledge of OMA ammo prices when deadline to declare OMA use came.

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