08 October 2011

IPSC Worldshoot XVI Rhodes - safety first?

In one of previous post I mentioned multiple spectators watching match without any sort of eye (and ear) protection. Also on several stages (that have steel targets!) helpers from Greek Army do not use eye protection. Some were very surprised when competitors asked them to use eye protection. I've seen ROs that does not take any action about this, even when asked to do so. I was wondering why IROA ROs are not reacting. Especially that this match witness lot of things flying in every direction. In my squad two shooters were hurt enough to bleed some amount of blood (one just few centimetres from eye). I was hit several times as well.

Now I know why it work that way. Example came from the top. This photo was taken on (now cancelled) stage 7, where 2 plates on steel poles were to be hit. RO on this stage got hit on the face with splatter hard enough to receive medical assistance. Gentlemen on picture came to watch squad shooting this stage. Left to right: IPSC Secretary (no eye protection), IPSC President, IPSC General Secretary (no eye protection), IROA President. It is hard to tell on ear protection due to possible use of earplugs. So despite recommendation in rule 5.4.1 it seems that most important IPSC match does not empower rule 5.4.2. Safety first? As far as I remember infamous sweeping on draw/holstering rule proposition, it was pushed because safety was paramount for IPSC Executive Council. Maybe for long term it is better to give good example and pursue use real safety precautions, than mess with rules for PR/political reasons.

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