05 October 2011

IPSC Worldshoot XVI Rhodes - part 5

Second day of shooting. This time afternoon. Much, much better. In meantime organisers seem to finish up some props outside shooting area (gate, flags, etc.), more exhibitors in commercial tent.

Today I shot stages 1 to 6, including infamous "labirynth" stage. I liked it, my kind of stage, shooting on the moove, etc. However it did not prevented me from being slow. But on "Zorbas" stage I got ovation from whole squad ;) Helps for ego :D

In answer to several request from shooters, Stats Office announced official price list of stager result adjustments. Only reinstatement from DQ does not have set price and is a matter of negotiation. Sorry for bad picture quality

A little bragging is in order - range is full of ricochets and splatters. Friend even got wound on face from splatter. But range is full of spectators (especially around Super-Squads) without eye protection (no ear protection as well). Our brave IROA officials do not even warn them. Safety first? ....

 Today is general strike in Greece. Sky with no planes is kind strange and give shivers. Will we came back? Tomorrow again shooting from middle of the night - I can not call it morning!

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