02 October 2011

IPSC Worldshoot XVI Rhodes - part 2

So we have got ourselves IPSC President. By 26 vs 10 votes Nick Alexakos keeps his power and honors. It could be good, will be as usual. Throwing parties, drinks and foods at Regional Directors proved to be well spent competitors money.

Other news is that next Handgun Worldshoot will be held in United States. This time there was one vote in favour of US against Thailand


  1. Anonymous6/10/11 23:10

    don't forget throwing hookers at the assembly either. The abuse of our money is disgusting, $500,000.00 in entry fees went where exactly? Vince's Mercedes and driver. Nick's Mercedes and driver. We need to see a full accounting of where our money goes, in detail, for the last 20 odd years. I wonder what the IRS or whatever they are called in Canada would have to say about the money that moves around in this circle.

  2. I've read on GV that officials work for free, 24 hours per day, far far away from home and family, just to bring us, shooters, unforgettable experience. And yes, mess with Opening Ceremony organisation, lack of proper communication or funny match book (will do separate post on that - worth it) are unforgettable experience.

    At least stages are quite all right, but range is lake war zone, never experienced so many ricochets flying around ad hitting people.

    I actually would better like to see someone do it openly for money, but do it right and do not pose as martyr.

  3. I had few ricoches too. I was pretty supriced the lack of safety gear on some officials.

    Few IROA RO´s said that this WS will be their last. It is not fun anymore. As they worked there asses off. I feel the pain. Congrats to them.